Where is the OneClay IB program?


Ridgeview High School(diploma program)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme at Ridgeview allows students to participate in an internationally recognized course of study that is recognized by colleges and universities in over 100 countries. The liberal arts curriculum prepares students for the challenges of college like no other high school program. Students exercise their intellectual rigor through elevated international standards while relating their academics to the realities of the world beyond the classroom.

Serving as a school-within-a-school at Ridgeview High School, the IB diploma program provides motivated students with an opportunity to pursue a rigorous university preparatory curriculum, which equally fosters social and emotional growth. The program promotes balance, while emphasizing self- reflection, community involvement, and an enlightened worldview.

Broken down into preparatory IB in grades 9 & 10 (pre-IB) and IB (grades 11 & 12), this diploma program stresses education of the “whole person.” The course of study utilizes international standards and is based on an integrated curriculum that provides for multiple forms of learning techniques and assessments.

The diploma program at Ridgeview is committed to continuous improvement. With a faculty steeped in program fidelity and expertise, a strong, involved IB Parent Booster Program, and leadership structures that promote collaboration and shared decision-making, we have consistently surpassed our own program goals and world averages.

Ridgeview High School

466 Madison Avenue

Orange Park, FL 32065